20 Reflections from 2020

End of year musings from a new business owner, career coach, podcast host and dog lover

1. Lockdown wasn’t so different to my regular life.

2. I’m incredibly fortunate to not live alone.

3. I feel fortunate to not have children to look after.

4. People see the same situation with vastly different lenses.

5. I’m not sure how people survived isolation without dogs.

6. Negative feelings are merely action signals.

7. I craved looking forward to events more than the events themselves.

8. The idea blowing out candles on a cake seems crazy to me now.

9. The most disappointing things happen for wonderful reasons.

10. Covering part of my face makes me feel like I’ve lost the ability to express myself.

11. When you don’t know what to do, do something.

12. You never know how the people you randomly meet will become a part of your life later.

13. People engage with a story, not a list of things to do.

14. We want to do stuff more when we lose the freedom to do it.

15. Spending time on my phone has gotten in the way of one my priorities: Reading personal development books.

16. True self confidence comes from being able to trust yourself

17. I have a bad case of shiny object syndrome.

18. We project our greatest self-criticisms onto others.

19. Time moves at an inconsistent speed.

20. While it’s been a heck of a year, I am glad 2020 has happened.

I teach women in STEM step-by-step frameworks to be confident, strategy-savvy and influential leaders • Podcast: How to be a STEMinist • Insta @tiffanydawson_

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